Testimonials from our valued clients:

Adam and his team is simply the best! They were always on top of the smallest of details and communicated with me in a timely fashion. Their professionalism is unmatched. I can not recommend them enough!!

– Pat Green

Adam & his team made it quick and painless. we were so scared on what all entailed selling out other property that was 2 hrs away. it was listed 6 days & closed in about a month! we were able to speak with Adam directly & he was very helpful & professional!

– Michelle Bermingham

“Rachael was very helpful and mindful, not only of our budget but also understanding what was needed in a location for our store. She went above and beyond and was able to answer all our questions in a very timely manner. She made sure we were always informed. Of all the things we were going through to open our new business, this was the easiest task thanks to Rachael!”

– K. Roberts

“I was impressed with The Commercial Professionals team. Lance explained the process carefully and was always ready to have a discussion about the strategy during the negotiation process. Receiving the cash from this deal will release a lot of the pressure I’ve been facing and will allow me to build my business up again.”

– M. Scogin

“I was very impressed with the services I received from The Commercial Professionals. Their attention to detail was great and their communication and support during the deal was really wonderful. I’m getting on in years and getting from place to place is not as easy as it once was. Rachael picked up my final check in Houston and drove it all the way to Huntsville for me… that’s 70 miles one way! I have already discussed having them help me sell some of my other properties.”

– D. Mathews

“The Commercial Professionals did a great job selling this property. The price we ended up with was not what we originally thought we could get but in the end, we realized that the condition of the property was something we were not willing to take care of so it was better to take less and move on. Let the next guy take it to the next stage”

– H. Kooros

“I was happy with The Commercial Professionals commitment to marketing this property for as long as they did until we could get it sold. It was not the easiest sale due to the fact that the tree farm was not a money-maker but I hoped buyers could see past that. In the end, I was happy with the result as the property was really just too far away from me for me to take good care of it.”

– A. Gardaphe