Is Fiesta Mart coming to The Woodlands?

Well, very interesting. I’ve had a piece of land for sale on the I-45 North for probably about two years now. The property is an ex-gas station and only has roughly 20,000 sf of land. So… definitely not big enough for a Fiesta.

Anyway, we received an offer for the land recently and negotiated a deal on the land. The buyer was hidden. When I started probing for pre-approval and “proof-of-funds” they came clean and admitted that the buyers were actually “Grocers Supply”. Grocers Supply owns Fiesta Mart – the Hispanic chain of supermarkets that are flourishing in the Houston region.

Within days of this discovery we heard rumors that they also had a contract on the “Casa Elena” property immediately to the South as well as possibly also the shopping center just behind our property. Well, that will definitely allow more than enough space for a new Fiesta Mart.

Grocers Supply was founded in 1924 and now has almost 10,000 employees (where did I hear that number before? Oh yes, ExxonMobil is bringing 10,000 employees to their new campus just South of The Woodlands!) and approximately $3 Billion USD in annual sales. So, they are doing ok.

Having a Fiesta so close to The Woodlands is going to be really convenient for me personally…. I buy a product called “Masarepa” made by “GOYA” from them. It’s very similar to the maize meal that we eat in South Africa.

Anyway… this is news that not many know about yet. So, if you are looking at retail property in the area, this is going to be a big traffic draw and you could start looking at possible deals close by that could benefit from having a retailer like Fiesta Mart. If you need help, remember that we have the tools to review demographics, traffic counts, retail sales in an area, crime rates & much more.

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