Statistics and Commercial Real Estate

I was given the book below by my brother-in-law’s wife for my birthday last year. It’s all about statistics. When I read the back cover & realized the subject matter I didn’t think I was going to get past the first five pages and thought I would put it down after that. The signal and …

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National Forest Foundation

Howdy and happy March, With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner I thought it’d be fitting to share a bit of green news with you & give you the opportunity to join in! As commercial Realtors, we often help our clients sell and purchase raw land. We recognize that with progress and growth sometimes that …

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Don’t Save Up, Trade Up!

Every day I meet people who are really interested in investing in commercial real estate. Not only interested, they REALLY want to do it. So, what’s holding them back? They all tell me they don’t have enough money to afford the down payment even on a decent deal. Well, if you’re going to be waiting …

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