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Hot Market: Office Condos in The Woodlands TX

Have you noticed how many office condo projects there are right now in or near The Woodlands?! It’s incredible: – 1) Forest Ridge Office Condos (behind Hubble & Hudson Kitchen) – 2) Brownstone Office Condos (on Budde road) – 3) Woodlands Office Project (on Budde road right next to the Brownstone project) – 4) Grogans Ridge Office Condos (on …

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The “Share Economy” is here! How to sublease vacant office space in The Woodlands, TX

Well, it had to come eventually…. how to apply today’s technology to all the small office space out there. This quick primer will show you how to sublease vacant office space that you yourself might have available. I guess it first kind of started with “” that allowed individuals to lease out a bedroom in …

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An Introduction to Subleasing Commercial Space

Unless you’re running your business from a home office, you’re going to need commercial property at some point. There are many options these days when it comes to securing it. One possibility every business should consider is taking advantage of subleasing. There are a number of unique benefits possible for either party involved. So before …

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